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Periodontal Therapy

Protect Your Gums, Protect Your Health

The odds are really high that you’ll encounter gum disease at some point in your life – statistics show the number of Americans currently dealing with this oral disease to be as high as 80%! Fortunately, the team at Cross City Dental can help you overcome it using periodontal therapy.

How We Treat Gum Disease

If you’re not seeing the dentist regularly for checkups, we encourage you to make an appointment for periodontal charting with Cross City Dental, even if you’re not experiencing any of these symptoms. Why? Gum disease can be sneaky, sometimes not presenting symptoms until it’s progressed to a more serious stage. The earlier we catch your gum disease, the better we can treat it with periodontal therapy.

Scaling & Root Planing

These two procedures are sometimes referred to as a “deep cleaning,” and they are our first line of defense against gum disease. Before we begin the procedure, we will make your entire mouth numb to help make you comfortable.

Scaling will be used to break up and clear away plaque and tartar deposits located on and underneath your gum line, and then root planing will be used to make it less likely that plaque and tartar will rather on your teeth’s roots in the future.

Antibiotic Therapy

As part of your gum disease treatment, Dr. Novikov may choose to also apply a topical antibiotic to your gums. It will quickly harden into a wax-like texture that will slowly dissolve over the course of the next 7 days. This will allow the powerful medicine time to seep deep into your periodontal pockets (the small spaces between your gums and teeth where gum disease tends to thrive) so it can eliminate even the most hidden bacteria.